SIPA – Solidarity In Performance Art

2016-2022 Manila.  Philippines


“Solidarity in Performance as Critical Exchange” – Multi-generational team work as pedagogy for peace and diversity       


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Boyet De Mesa

Lives and work in Manila, a cultural worker, visual / performance artist . Boyet is currently teaching, under the Department of Philosophy and Humanities (DPH), College of Arts and Letters (CAL) in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. from Nov 2017 to present. 

He has exhibited his artworks and / or doing performance outside and inside the country from 1994 to present.  Boyet is in the midst of the development of performance art in the Philippines , since its re-establishment from 2000. He is part of Tupada Action and Media Art in 2002-2012.  Founded Solidarity in Performance Art Festival in 2016.  He is the festival convenor/Director of SIPA (Solidarity In Performance Art), an International Performance Art festival initiated by performance artists in the Philippines, promoting peace and solidarity through performance/arts.

He is an active organizer, convenor of international performance art movement in the world from 2006 up to present.  He is one of the founder of TransNational Coalition of the Arts, recently formed at the advent of Myanmar crisis in March.   He also coordinates the Equinox Solidarity ,in the Philippines . Equinox is a worldwide performance action.

A son of a jeepney driver and former Barangay councilor. Married and with two children.

Rogger Basco

He is a member of Tupada Action & Media Arts (TAMA) since 2011 and now part of SIPAF secreatariat.  He has won awards in Painting & Sculpture, Dance Choreography, Music and Video Art. Basco has served for 38 years as an educator and cultural officer at De La Salle Lipa.   He founded K.A.R.I.B.O.K., a local performance art group [which consist of faculty and students] that performs in the Batangas Province and Manila. 

His works were featured in EATOPIA 2nd Taiwan International Video Art (TIVA) 2010, International MultiMedia Art Festival – Myanmar 2012, Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities international arts festival in Finland  2013 and  Pixels OF IDENTITIES – THE BODY LANGUAGE in BOGOTÁ 2016

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John Andre Sarmogenes

Jo-An Sarmogenes is a multidisciplinary artist.  He has participated in several exhibitions at the De La Salle Lipa, mentored by roggerbasco, and was involved in performance art inspired by Salvador Ching which led him to join the TAMA (Tupada Action and Media Art) international performance art festival in 2009. During its Diskurso series, he was part of the collective’s documentation committee. Since then he has also honed his skills as a  photographer, attended workshops in Phil. Center for Creative Imaging and became a protégé of Tilak Hettige. In 2018 he became part of several Langgam Performance Troupe projects, including: Somewhere Else Instead, [KOSMOS] Online performances including Lacuna Festival (distance), and Tread/Warp, an entry in XSCENA, a scenography exhibition of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Production Design Department. Currently one of the Board of Directors in Langgam Performance Troupe.

Ulap Chua

CHUA, Ulap (b. 1999) is a budding performance-maker, filmmaker, and photographer based in the Philippines. He positions himself and his works based on the spirit of inquiry and collaboration, often executing narratives through optical mediums. He artistically spearheads Parang Kolektib, an artist organization whose goal is to create provocative works that blur the line between stage and screenplay. He also creates art with various organizations such as: SIPA Pilipinas, Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Buklod Sining Organization, and Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory.

Lalaine Rebong

Lalaine is a Philippine-based artist who widely explores different art forms. As a child, she would draw pictures on scratch papers, fold them, and pretend that they were book covers. Growing up, she also took part in the world of musical performance by joining pop bands as a bassist and backup vocalist. When she entered college ,she joined her university’s resident student theatre organization, PUP Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory, and underwent a year’s theatre workshop. She became more invested and committed to her craft and eventually became the  organization’s 40th Season Creative Director.

Her main craft focuses on translating the stores and message through visual designs in both motion and still graphics. She uses her knowledge of theatre and music to develop concepts in her designs. She works as a full-time graphic designer while continuing to pursue projects and collaborations with different artists in the community.

Due to her desire to explore, she took as interest to join and study performance art making. As a beginner, she is in the process of understanding the form better by starting with herself and creating a concrete foundation for her future works. She is eager to learn more and experience different things that the world could offer.

Dyan Corachea

Dyan  Corachea is currently an MA Film student at University of the Philippines Film Institute and holds a degree in Communication. Aside from being a professional digital marketing coordinator, she also works for an independent artist-run initiative in her province in Quezon and worked with different local and international exhibiting artists with different practices and involving community matter, art appreciation, collaboration, and education. Her previous student works focused on documentary, experimental and narrative film. Some of which was screened in regional film festivals, national and international conferences including FilmAsia 2015 in Kobe, Japan, Hidden Cinema Screening in Ayala Museum, PH and etc.


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