Bill Psarras - (Greece)

Territorial Poetics (II: Unfolding)


Territorial poetics (II: unfolding)

Territorial Poetics (II: unfolding) is a walking performance for camera in which the artist walks, pushes and gradually unfolds a large piece of old paper on the train tracks of the old abandoned railway network of the Peloponnese, during the morning twilight. The unfolding action of the artist re-inscribes an ongoing dialogue between the everyday mundane and the spiritual. The artist acts like a seed, an object, a ritualistic intention which unfolds and spreads out the potential. Based on Sisyphean semiotics and an auto-ethnographical approach of the personal and the collective, Territorial Poetics forms an ephemeral situation between site, body and repetition, making a spatial statement about the universal processes of effort, communication and journeying.

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Bill Psarras (1985) is an artist and academic He is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Performing and Digital Arts, School of Fine Arts, University of the Peloponnese, at the intersections of site/performance art, video installations and digital media. His art practice explores poetics across different media, merging the poetic and the technological. This includes site-specific walking performances, media/text installations, video art, poetry; having city, text, flaneur and liminal landscapes as main motifs of his work. They have been exhibited in international festivals, group exhibitions and cultural institutions across Europe, US and Asia. He has been awarded as an ARTWORKS Fellow of SNF (2020-21). His interdisciplinary arts-based research has been published in international journals, conferences proceedings, book chapters and symposia in the intersections of contemporary art, performance and urban-cultural studies. He holds a PhD in Arts and Technology from Goldsmiths University of London (AHRC Scholarship 2013), an MA in Digital Arts (University of the Arts London) and a BA/MA Integr. in Audiovisual Arts (Ionian University). He has lectured at the Dept. of Performing and Digital Arts (2019-2021) and at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of Ionian University (2016-2019) where he also conducted his arts-based PostDoc exploring the intersections of performance art, site, technology and geohumanities (State Scholarship 2017-19). As a musician he has composed music for documentaries and self-released a series of e-albums across rock and ambient music. He has published two poetry collections (Tundra, 2017, Pigi Publications and Urbanaut, 2023, Iolcos Publishing). He is the Art Director of Primarolia organization.