Sebastián Nieto Ortega - (Peru)

Horizonte de Sucesos


Events horizon

Intervention of fabric on a sand hill that is part of the project Horizonte de Sucesos. In this performance/land art I seek to generate a simple gesture, simple and impossible at the same time. By using the white fabric over the sandy hill that covers the entire Peruvian coast and its cloudy sky most of the year, in a certain way the hill is visually split, making the fabric and the sky a single support. In this way, the time in which the blank space should be reoccupied by the sand is suspended in the air in a physically impossible distribution.


Art, photography in particular, is a tool that satisfies the need to expel ideas and feelings about the world. I have a commitment to art, not by vocation but by compulsion, I can’t do anything else, even if I wanted to. A need to express and question views of life and the world. I am aware of the weather. I am afraid of the weather. I try to understand time. I try to bend, twist and recreate time. I want to go back to the past and control the future. Shooting moments and collecting memories. I use myself as a guinea pig, I modify, abstract, erase, dirty and superimpose my memories as the tool to understand this constant movement. Killing time with every useless shot, creating alternative lines, without avoiding their constant departure. My photographic, visual and audiovisual projects start from the autobiographical to raise issues such as the relationship of photography with time, memory and personal relationships. I use the photographic and visual as an artistic tool that from its conception is intrinsically related to these themes, time and memory. Through this medium, a continuous exploration of concepts that help me to understand our world and rethink it. The projects always have a desire to experiment, pushing the limits of the image and photography to communicate not only with what is seen but also with the way it is seen and from there to seek proposals even in other media, such as analog collage, drawing and installations.




San Bartolo, Lima. Peru