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2023 Edition

Open Call

Call for proposals 2023

from September 26 to October 26 (CALL FINALIZED)


the nature of ACTION and the action of NATURE :

connective THRESHOLD of INTEGRATING powers

An invitation to attend to and explore the multiplicity of gestating po-ethical ecologies, in dissidence with the patriarchal necropolitics of the current world system.

From the awareness of a planetary crisis of extinction, unleashed by the unbalancing paradigm of the “surplus” that has worn away the fabrics of the common good, and that corrosively advances on human rights, the rights of the earth and the interwoven diversity of life itself, reconstitutive imaginaries of rebellious relationalities emerge and resurface in the kindness of mutual care and transmuting resilience:

a connective THRESHOLD of INTEGRATING potencies, breathes and throbs in the concurrent materiality of our bodies of TIME. *

Each artist or group of artists may present up to 2 audiovisual pieces that in their conception investigate and expand the dissident vocabularies from action-art or performance, in the context of the urgencies that affect us globally. The pieces may be of short, medium or long duration, must be subtitled in English if they contain an important discursive ingredient, and must be accompanied by an informed technical file with contextual and contact information as requested in the registration form.



The duration of the pieces is open.

As well as the date of making..

©Graciela Ovejero Postigo 2023

List of shipments necessary to participate:

  • Link to the video uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo
  • Technical data sheet
  • Artist/s, Performer/s, Event, Date, Place, Curatorship (if any), Organizers, Documentalists, Editors, Producers, Synopsis, Short Biography (250 words) of who assumes authorship, protagonist/s of the performance, and/or delegated possession of the material.
  • Completed form (access the link below), with signature and identification as an affidavit.
  • Each author or participant may submit up to 2 works of which only 1 may be selected. Projects with co-authorship will designate a representative to the Festival on behalf of each and every one of their authors.

ÍTopics in Form to be taken into account:

  • Video-performances and/or Documentation of actions / performances / happenings, captured or converted to audiovisual format (mp4): Crudos, Slide-shows etc, preferably complete pieces, unique documentary fragments of a certain temporal development that allows to understand the action and its context, indicating Title, year, place and full accreditation.
  • Audiovisual format in mp4 (Full HD 1920×1080 pixels).
  • Duration of parts OPEN.
  • Works Credits. All works must be titled (usually at the beginning) and contain full accreditation (usually at the end), including: Title, Artist(s) Performer(s), Date, Place, Event (if any), Curatorship (if any), Organizers, Documentalists, Editors, Producers, Sponsors (if any). Works that include considerable use of the spoken word must be subtitled in Spanish or English.
  • The videos may be premiers or made in any date, our CALL is also a way of research and as such there is also special interest in historical documentation of collective pieces.. Videos must be hosted UNLISTED on YouTube / Vimeo for viewing by the judges. The selected works must be sent later through WeTransfer or another platform to make up the PROGRAM.
  • Contact information and brief biography of the Artists, (up to 250 words). Website and/or Blog / FaceBook / IG of the participating artists.
  • Synopsis of the Piece (up to 300 words)
  • The selection will be announced on October 9.
  • The pieces must be received via Wetransfer or other means until October 16th 23:59hs.


Paola Paz Yeh (Mexico) : Michelle Lacombe (Canada) : Lorena PeñaDiana Daf Collazos / el Galpón Espacio (Peru) : Nick Kan (Taiwan) : Daisuke Takeya (Japan)

Header photo: Graciela Ovejero Postigo, Liliana Medela and Thomas Reul. Co.De. 2017, Peras de Olmo - AC. Photography: Malen Ovejero.